Python has grown significantly in the last few years, both in terms of audience and the amount of topical information about it. This abundance of information has outgrown the current website’s taxonomy. The key goal of this project is to update Python’s official web presence with an eye to better organizing the information we have today (and expect to add in the future).

The end result should help our audience find the information they need, whether it’s official information like downloads and documentation, or resources from our vibrant community.

There’s a lot we want to achieve.

Modern design and experience Concise and intuitive navigation Showcase the simplicity and elegance of the language Attract and convert potential Python users and Python Software Foundation sponsors Represent our vibrant, active community Make it easy for a wide range of contributors to add content Enhance the visibility of the PSF and its sponsors Provide examples of success stories Enhance the visibility of alternate implementations Stable and scalable infrastructure


These fine companies have been contracted by the PSF to execute the new site.


Project Evolution